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When colour is everything, Black and White is beyond!

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It’s been over 7 months now, and we feel it’s been years – years of being around, being aware

and being in the moment with everything and everyone that has in their own special way given back

to us for Bringing A Difference.

Our journey began on 24 th December and has continued ever since. And what hasn’t stopped since

the time we got #BeingBAD is making our visitors experience the global cuisine via our Travels.

Schedules were tight and visitors were pouring, but Sri Lanka and Pondicherry happened for

#TheBADSiblings and here we have our innovations deeply rooted in our #MonsoonAtBAD menu!

Bringing the real ‘stuff’ and the authentic feel from our travels into people’s grain and pulse has

always been our priority and we’ll always be BAD at it 😉

Yoga is about to take a fresh turn and there are many more collaborations that you could watch out


We have a bunch of our BAD visitors who are way special (oh and yes so regular) – that we have a

tiny little BAD shoutout here. You all made us believe that there’s something in being black and

white and that it’s not always a rainbow that’s scenic!

She’s giving us so much ‘space’ that we are totally falling for her.

He comes by, tries everything on the menu, a complete guinea pig to BAD who now has his entire

family hooked on to us!

He is shy and about to be the popular guy, and still stands so loved and adored by our staff!

Picolo is his thing! We’ve seen him build so much – his strategy, his physique and beyond. We hope

to see you soon.

Another one who is really dear – You know we were literally reconsidering keeping BAD open on

Mondays just for your Monday morning coffee!

You all know who you are! Thanks for #BeingBAD along this journey & of course, to everyone who’s

come by and made it so kickass! 😉