When we’re speaking black and white, we’re only Bringing A Difference with the confluence of global thoughts, tranquil vibes and soul of food. Come by to explore everything superlative, as we have bricked up our dreams.

Bhavna and Amit have tucked in a blissful culture of Yoga and F&B in Spain. Love for their respective passion and minimalism; directed energy for meeting and exploring cultures and people across the world and the spirit to lay the path of high living bricked up (literally) their dream café (Soul), Yoga & Meditation Studio (Body), Mind (Library & Community Spot) into a mesmerising structure that connects the external and internal links, just like a human body. We hope you’re convinced, that BAD actually lives. #TheBADSiblings



Soul identifies as the Patron of Tapas bringing a sophisticated cuisine and storm in a cup for pleasing your palate. Order them tapas hot or cold and wind it off with our signature blend of organic coffee, and we’ll understand your urgency to come back again. #WeSpeakBlackAndWhite


We saw the rays of morning sunshine through PVC pipes, dawning on beautiful yoginis performing the highest form of life. Come pick up a mat, and be a proton of life. Just like the human body (we are alive, remember?) we start the day with a cleanse and positivity through yoga and by the sunset,there is scope for linking with colours from the world outside – screen a movie, shake a leg, endorse! (because everything pretty advertises something no?) We’ll perpetually let you ‘feet’ on colourful path, while you get a piece of your mind.. #YogaLikesNoGrey


We’re making the best stories between the pages of the books you drop at our temple of knowledge. Bring a difference, as you explore cultures by reading from their eyes, while there’s more for those who want to ideate and sing a song. #WeAreMINDful.

We are cravers of warm tight hugs, positive auras, conversations like adrenaline and emails in black and white. Stand on a foot, do a suryanamaskar, cover your drink with tapas as you then connect with us on the same ‘page’

The BAD Cafe,
Kapadia House, 22G, New Kantwadi Road,
Off Perry Cross, Road, Bandra West,
Mumbai 400050